YouTuber Joe Sugg dives deeper into showbiz by starting a production company


Joe Sugg and his sister Zoe have come of age in the ringlight – as a YouTube star across the UK and Ireland, Joe has managed to provide entertainment for the masses, whether in a rectangle on a laptop or on our televisions on “Strictly Come Dancing”.

If, like us, you remember the days on YouTube of “The Boyfriend Tag,” “Monthly Favorites,” and cross-channel dating videos, we’re sure you’ll remember ThatcherJoe or his more general moniker. nowadays, Joe Sugg.

YouTube, especially in the 2010s, before day-in-the-life-style vlogging was a trend, videos were curated with an extreme attention to detail that was very much of its time; sets were designed, concepts were created, guests sparred, editing was a fine art, and production quality was high for these in-line stars who seemed to be driving at the time.

Really, we’re not shocked that Joe Sugg is starting his own production company now he’s got the chops. Not only is his company Final Straw Productions backed by the BBC, but he’s also joined by ‘Top Gear’ executive Sacha Grimsditch as development director to get the company up and running.

Of the opportunity, Sugg said: “My head has always been full of ideas so to be able to have the opportunity to build a great team that can help bring those ideas to life with the support of BBC Studios and their advice and expertise is fantastic”.

Final Straw Productions will focus on cross-generational entertainment and factual entertainment. The content will probably be a far cry from the “Sister do my makeup challenge” videos of years past, but we’re sure we’ll love it all the same.

Final Straw Productions will launch on September 1, 2022.


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